A Little GTA4 Prediction


Grand Theft Auto has always been a lightning rod for controversy. From being accused of causing real life murders, to hiding sex minigames, Grand Theft Auto has played the largest part in bringing both the main stream media and politicians into an anti-violent video games crusade. I thought I’d make a little prediction on what I really expect to see happen this coming April 29th, when Grand Theft Auto 4 is released onto the public.

Anyone following the Democratic primaries knows what a crazy season it’s been. From upsets in Iowa and New Hampshire to the mere fact that either the first African America or woman will be a presidential candidate is keeping the high stakes competition on the minds of Americans. So why do I bring up what I just explained to be pretty much common knowledge? Because I believe that the Democratic primaries and Grand Theft Auto 4 are going to collide in a media explosion.

Hillary Clinton is losing, not by much, but enough to make her chances at the nomination seem less likely with each super-delegate going to Barack Obama. A closer look at Clinton’s current situation shows her losing her most stalwart block of supporters: women. What could bring back the Mothers (and Fathers) concerned about their children while at the same time getting a lot of free publicity? To bring a strong anti-violent video games stance into the presidential race, starting with Grand Theft Auto 4.

Here are some of the reasons I believe this while happen:

Clinton has fought video game violence before, specifically Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas (she led and effort to have the Federal Trade Commission investigate the “Hot Coffee Mod”)

Clinton is behind in the delegate count, meaning she is going to be more “desperate” and look for every possible angle to take on Obama. Obama’s few comments on Video Game violence make it seem like he favors a more industry moderated approach. Clinton might hope to catch him off guard as being insensistive to families and children by not preventing violent games from getting into the hands of young people.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is going to be on the news a lot in the coming weeks. Much like Halo 3 before it, this game is going to have a massive launch, with all the usual suspects to go along with it. I wouldn’t be suprised at all to see Jack Thompson getting interviews on cable networks, along with anyone else who has a problem with violent video games. Hillary will take advantage of this by getting her name into nearly every report done on the game by saying she wants legislation of some sort that prevents the game from getting into the hands of minors.

Of course, this is only a prediction. Perhaps Clinton will see that the most pressing matter to voters this political season are the Economy, Iraq, Health Care, and numerous other problems in front of Video Game Violence. Still, even a small comment is very likely.

~Update – Post Election~

In retrospect, I was not only wrong that Hillary Clinton did not mention Grand Theft Auto 4 at all, but rather Barack Obama was the only politican to make a passing comment at the series.


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