Is this Really even News Anymore?

 I am pretty much contradicting myself by writing about this, but yet another “main stream” Journalist thinks video games are super terrible for society and that something must be done to stop them.  

The source in question comes from an editorial written by Giles Whittell, writer and parent from the Times of London, where said Journalist has come to the conclusion that video games are as bad as heroin and teenage pregnancy. (sigh) The writer believes that they shouldn’t have to try games to know their bad just like they shouldn’t have to try heroin or teenage pregnancy to know their bad. An obvious indication of how little this person knows about games is their repeated use of the phrase “I will never buy my children a Nintendo” (because apparently someone at the Times believed it crucial that Giles actually try a game before criticizing it). 

At this point I’m just going through the motions. Turns out crime has gone down as Video Game popularity has risen. The largest market isn’t kids, it’s 18 – 35 year olds. Heroin kills people and teenage pregnancy often leads to broken families. Video Gamers often grow up to be skilled, intelligent, and productive members in a increasingly technology dependent society. Video Games shouldn’t be a babysitter, they are a form of entertainment, as much as reading a child a book or taking them to the park. Video Games can teach children valuable skills including teamwork, the villainy of cheating, accomplishment and working with loss.


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