A Few Awesome Video Game Wallpapers

While most companies release standard wallpapers to promote their games, usually plastered with logos and full of poorly chosen angles and layout, the best art often comes from the fans who love those games. Here are a few fine pieces of artwork you don’t have to be totally ashamed of letting someone else see.


An stark, clinical image of one of Portal’s many chamber warning maps, but with cake! Found by Bits, Bytes, Pixels, & Sprites on 4chan.

Shadow of the Colossus

With the game already having such beautiful art design, it’s no wonder a multitude of fans create fantastic interpretations. This one from deviantARTist ‘adonihs captures the epic scale of the Colossus and insignificance of the main character from the game.


Just because you never saw it in the game never means the Big Daddy’s didn’t enjoy themselves from time to time. Also found by Found by Bits, Bytes, Pixels, & Sprites on 4chan.

Teamfortress 2

With one of the most original art styles of 2007, Teamfortress 2 animated characters are ripe for artful presentation. Flamingmenace on deviantART has created a series of slick picture containing various characters from the game in an assortment of poses. The mirror effect and depth used here makes them look almost like little action figures you can pick up and play with. Here are two of my favorites.


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