Demigod Exclusive to Stardock’s Impulse Download Service

What’s the best way to gain support for your new digital distribution platform? With an exclusive title of course! That is why Stardock’s new Impulse service will be the only place you can get Chris Taylor’s new RTS/RPG hybrid, Demigod, which Gas Powered Games hopes to have in beta by this summer.

The service, which will be similar in many ways to Valve’s Steam, intends to have everything that users of the aforementioned service now expect: Friends lists, game scheduling, Xbox 360 like achievements, and of course digital game downloads. Stardock intends for Impulse to have “equivalent game content as Direct2Drive and Steam by end of year.”

The biggest advantage Impulse hopes to have over a service like Steam is its very user friendly DRM scheme. Similar to Stardock’s recently released critical and commercial success, Sins of a Solar Empire, games on Impulse will not require a disc or an internet connection like Steam. Simply buy the game and play it on your terms (and most likely get your updates/patches using your serial key). Sounds like Steam may finally get some real competition on the PC.


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