California Academy of Sciences


I want to go here so bad.  This things got a 4-story rain forest, a massive aquarium, a penguin exhibit, a living roof, and a digital planetarium.


Oh, and Claude, the albino alligator.  A person named “Tibchris” on Flikr has some excellent pictures from the rain forest their.


I’m using this one as my desktop.


Here’s the the ceiling of the rain forest.  You can easily see that bubble on the museums roof.  Looks like an awesome place to visit if you’re in San Francisco.


One Response to California Academy of Sciences

  1. joseph says:

    Dude, whenever you scroll over a pic with the mouse a pop opens and covers part of the photo.

    Also, they farm aligators and about 1 in 10000 (or a similar figure) is albino (so a suprizingly large number of gators are white, turns out) and they sell em. They’re expensive as hell and damn near inpossible to take care of, but you know… that still rules.

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