Anyone got 80,000$ I can borrow? I want to buy a SPACE SHIP!


Being the unabashed Battlestar Galactica nerd that I am, I can’t help but totally geek out to this.  This makes me really jealous since I probably won’t be able to afford anything at the auction and also a little sad at the shows passing.  At least this show actually got to finish, unlike the ill fated Firefly.  I’m probably going to plow through the whole series one last time before the final season starts up on January 17th.  Their are some webisodes up right now, and while it’s nice to see the familiar faces of the crew again, I feel a little sad inside just knowing my favorite show of all time is about to come to an end.


Oh, and I really, really want this Raptor.  I promise I’ll give it a good home!


This would go on the wall in my living room.  These too.


Also perfect for the living room, President Roslin and Admiral Adam’s desks.  Round out your Adama/Roslin collection with the model ship Adama smashed and Roslin’s Book of Pythia.


An awesome, Blade Runner-esqe pistol from the show.


Why don’t they just make these into diecast collectibles?  I’d buy the whole set if they were reasonably priced.


Plenty of stuff to get your drink on (like half the cast), including Tigh’s liquor bottle and Galactica’s Top Gun mug.


To have had these back during the election.


And of course, I save the best for last.  (I could have sworn actor James Callis said he was taking this picture off the set with him).


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