Crayon Physics Deluxe Beta Released: Woo Hoo!


I knew playing the original a year ago that despite being rough around the edges, Crayon Physics was a brilliant idea. Fast forward to December 2008 and Kloonigames has been hard at work right through the holidays to bring out the first parts of a masterpiece: Crayon Physics Deluxe. Like Portal and Braid before it, Crayon Physics is based on a simple, yet ingenious mechanic: get the ball to the star by drawing things. Not just squares and rectangles like the prototype, but anything that fits on the screen. You can even make simple machines to create pulleys and axles. The possibilities for completing a single level are immense, emergent, and often put a smile on your face. And its hard not to talk about the games entrancing music: usually a small indie game like this can’t hope for much more than to not annoy players with repetitive blips and bloops. Crayon Physics Deluxe out does the rest with an ethereal, enchanting, and incredibly relaxing score that really adds a lot to the experience.

If you want to play something unlike anything you have played before, play Crayon Physics.


One Response to Crayon Physics Deluxe Beta Released: Woo Hoo!

  1. chance says:

    i am so siked to play this

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