The Surprisingly Good Doritos XBLA Advergame


A few weeks ago Doritos launched the culmination of its Unlock Xbox contest, Doritos Dash of Destruction.  After the previous attempt at merging games and advertising birthed unholy spawn known as Yaris, it was hard to expect much from a game powered by Doritos.  Astonishingly, Doritos Dash of Destruction isn’t quite the throwaway game you’d expect.  Developed by well known XBLA developer Ninjabee, the game makes for a pretty entertaining party game if you can get a couple of friends to play locally.  With the massive library of games on XBLA, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the games more fun than a good portion of those games, games which actually cost money.  Dash of Destruction is over the top ridiculous (T-Rex chase Doritos delivery cars is essentially the entire game) but the mechanics are sound enough to make this seem like more than just a shallow attempt at increasing brand recognition.  It may not have been the Doritos companies intent to actually create a game worthy of playing, but Ninjabee obviously tried their hardest here and eked out something actually entertaining.  I would highly recommend giving this game a try if you can play it with some friends, especially at the o-so-special price of free.


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