iPod Touch: The Best All-In-One Available


Passionate fanboys and bitter cynics will never end the fight over Apple and its cavalcade of shiny white products.  I consider myself an Apple realist: I enjoy using Mac OSX, especially the not having to deal with spam/viruses part, and I find their sense of design impeccable, if not always the most utilitarian.  I also know what Apple doesn’t do: it isn’t as open/customizable with its products, their computers still aren’t a good gaming platform (which is why I use bootcamp), their stuff is usually more expensive, and their fans (and even employees) can be real snobs.  I recommend Apple computers for the most part to those who ask, but I understand that Apple computers aren’t for everyone, that some peoples needs don’t justify the extra expense, and that their are plenty of good Windows computers out their.

I make one exception.

The iPod Touch is a truly glorious piece of consumer tech.  Intuitive web surfing,  extensive music, video, and picture capabilities, strong podcast support (a huge plus for me), and now a huge selection of free and cheap games.  I love my iPod Touch; it’s that futuristic little gadget I always dreamed about as a little kid, playing music, games, videos, and with a link to all sorts of information.  If you live in an area with a lot of wi-fi, use an mp3 player, and like playing portable games their is simply no equivalent.  The iPhone has exorbitant data fees, but I suppose if you are willing to pay them then it’s a fantastic device as well.


With the release of games like Rolando (which really is as good as people are saying) and Hero of Sparta the device is well on its way to being a real competitor in the gaming space.  I have a first generation 16GB model, and with my music library slowly increasing to 20GB, plus podcasts, games, photos, and videos, I can only complain that my own model is two small.  Even so, I haven’t regretted trading out my iPod 5G and I don’t think it’s likely I ever will; the iPod Touch for me is exactly what I need.


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