Macworld and CES Week


Tomorrows Apple keynote at Macworld is something I’m looking forward too, if for nothing else than to learn the pricing and release date of Snow Leopard.  Honestly though, I’m more looking forward to what CES has to offer this year, perhaps for the first time ever. I’ve been pining for all those tiny little netbooks that have been floating around ever since last year, waiting for that perfect combination of Atom CPU + at least 5 hours of battery life + price of 350$ or less and have yet to find it.


This here Samsung NC10 is probably my best bet, once it drops by about a 100$ or so, with its freaking ridiculous 7+ hours of battery life.  I really just want one of this little laptops for my classes, being that my college campus is nicely spread out on the biggest hill in miles. I know a hill in Kansas may not sound like much but the saying around here that you can go to and return from classes going up hill can practically happen.  Add in a couple of books and a 5 pound laptop and power brick and you can see why one of these 2.5 pounders would be a blessing.  Plus, I’m pretty sure these things could handle Peggle, which on second though might not be a very good thing for my GPA.


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