Apple Keynote… Disappointing


Easily one of the most boring Keynotes ever.  I only really cared about getting more Snow Leopard information and maybe hoping for a Mac Mini upgrade for my friend, but neither of those things came to fruition.  The now almost DRM-less iTunes store is a nice addition, but I’ve almost completely stopped using that service and instead turned to Amazon.  In fact, I wonder if any part of Apple’s iTunes changes were forced by Amazon’s gainging ground in the music download market.  New prices were probably part of the deal Apple had to make with the music labels, but their also a nice plus.

Overall, the new iLife/iWork info is of little importance to me and if I have to buy that stuff when I get Snow Leopard, I’m going to be a little peeved.  I don’t want to pay more for stuff I don’t need.  Maybe they’ll start putting those really nice 17-inch MacBook Pro batteries in the rest of their portable line.


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