New Shows I’m Enjoying this Winter Break


With a lot more free time on my hands over winter break, I’ve been able to enjoy some new excellent television.  First off is The West Wing.  This show is essentially about the president we all wish we had; compassionate, intelligent if not downright intellectual, pragmatic, free thinking and able to keep a good sense of humor.  It’s a fantasy, but an enjoyable one, a sort of warm, home cooked meal that you just enjoy watching because of the characters and their interactions going on in the show.  Their really isn’t any low part of the show; the actors are all great, the writings fantastic, the cinematography and production values are high, and the show has a lot of heart.


The other show I’ve been watching recently is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  While the show may not overtake my favorite all time comedy, Arrested Development, the show comes damn close.  With similar sorts of scatterbrained plots and ridiculous situations the show is just really funny.  Also like Arrested Development, this is a sitcom that doesn’t need a laugh track to tell you when it’s funny.  I look forward to future seasons.


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