Operating System Reviews


Windows Vista

Maybe not the best launch Microsoft’s ever had, but Windows Vista, with its “Aero” graphical presentation, is quite slick.  Lots of flowing blues and greens, shiny buttons, and little gadgets getting in the way of everything, kind of reminds me of another OS…  Seriously though Microsoft, its 2009 and you’re still using analog clocks?


Mac OSX Leopard

A much more purple OS, Leopard also has lots of shiny buttons.  I really like shiny buttons and since this one has more it’s better.  Also its got towers of buttons, which makes its taller(?) than Windows Vista.  With Leopard you can also pretend you’re flying through space, woooosh!


Secret B-b-b-bonus Review!!!!!

Windows Se7en

Windows 7 has the most power fish visualization technology of any modern OS and is only bested in that field by the now totally outdated Amiga Coelacanth.  Also, more shiny buttons!


One Response to Operating System Reviews

  1. Evans says:

    Nice review, but I’ve decided never to use Microsoft’s OS when the support for XP runs out. For a software developer, I truly believe that choice and freedom that the open source community provides is what I need.

    I would recommend you try Linux or Mac out for a taste of superior OS.

    Thanks for the blog though.

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