Qincying: The Best Use of Sony’s Home


If you haven’t heard about quincying, it’s the best thing you can do in the next generation of Internet community driven synergy vitalization group-net paradigm shifting user interaction content driven micro payment delivery system Home.  Here’s some instructions, but essentially you trick the  desperate denizens of Home into thinking your a girl, get them really, really interested, then switch out your avatar for the most hideous thing you can possibly make (that’s the “quincy”, and mines called Manpig).

I handed the keyboard over to my friend the other night (Quincying with some friends on the couch is really the best possible way to do it) and it was one of the funniest game experiences I’ve ever had.  Beyond calling everyone “dawg” and “d00d”, my friend started sending people the talking using the most random phrases, like “you guyz is on Cruise Control d00ds!”.  After one person said he was from Brazil (after repeatedly asking how old I was), my friend responded with something to the effect of “lol thats cool, except I cant speak protogeese and the peeps be dyin” (all misspellings were intentional).

And it was just great getting one guys response after I deployed my Quincy: a rather dispirited “yeah, i knew it…”.

(Image from Joystiq)


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