Maybe Microsoft’s Unabashed Irony Will Defeat Apple?

So Microsoft is really starting to smart from all those passively critical Apple ads.  First they bought a huge marketing campaign that effectively answered all of Apples ads with a “yeah, so what if it our operating system sucks, WE ARE DIVERSE/QURIKY/ANTI-HODGEMANS!”.  Then they go and build a new operating system almost ready for market after years of hyping and building the supposedly immaculate Vista.  Now they are going head to head with all those spiffy pieces of software Apple bundles with their computers.  Their first salvo against Apple’s pro-sumer music creation software Garageband?  A musak and commercial jingle generator.

You see, that video above is a real attempt by the developers to sell this software.  This really is a serious attempt at a commercial, tough in its defense, it is likely the developers themselves who had to make it.  Really though, if Microsoft stopped spending millions on obtuse Seinfeld commercials and let the developers make commercials like these (while throwing in a ton of soft light and Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! style f/x) they could probably turn some really hilarious self parodying commercials.  At least they would be better than these.

(Via Boing Boing)


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