The Bloop – Cooler Than it Sounds


The other day, while talking about crazy pink arsenic spewing centipedes and Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, I learned from my friend about something called the “bloop”. While creatures like Bigfoot and the chewbacabra are more and more likely not to be real, the ocean holds a treasure trove of undiscovered mysteries. But could one be many times larger than the Blue Whale?

The “bloop” was “discovered” way back in the summer of 1997 (strange that that’s over a decade ago) by the Navy’s Sound Surveillance System, a sonar of sorts meant to detect Soviet Submarines.  Seeing as those weren’t as much of a problem without a cold war (or Soviets), the Navy handed the thing over to science to detect sea creatures.  During that summer in 1997, a low frequency, organic sound was detected on the South American southwest coast.  Scientist were at a loss to explain it and dubbed it “the bloop”.

What makes this sound so mysterious is that it would have to have come from something larger than any discovered organism, living or extinct.  The advertising for the movie Cloverfield actually explained the bloop as being created by that movie’s New York City terrorising monster.  The skeptic in me thinks that this is an error in detection, a machine of some sort, or a small creature that has figured out a way to imitate the sounds of larger creatures, perhaps as a way to scare predators away.  Even so, the reason I love paranormal mysteries like this is simply imagining the possibility of a literal Godzilla living under the sea.

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