“A Disquiet Follows My Soul” – 8 More To Go!


Man, the fact that the show is really winding down is starting to get to me, especially with so many old and new plot points in need of tying up.  Here are a few of my favorite parts from last nights episode, A Disquiet Follows My Soul.  And of course SPOILERS!!!



– Those little visual flourishes first time director Ron Moore added, like moving from Adama picking up trash right into Kara and Gaeta’s fantastic scene or the low angle shot in Athena’s raptor.

– Those little things Adama does, like the aformentioned picking up of any trash he sees, and his fantastic line in this episode “You know, there are days that I really hate this job.”

– Speaking of Adama, is he the “dying leader?”  He is staking some kind of medicine now and Tigh remarks that he looks terrible and Adama admits to feeling so.  This would be an interesting development because he has kept the fleet together as much if not more so than Roslin.

– Conspiracy!  Insurrection! It’s going to be an interesting ride the rest of the way what with a rebellion being formed by Gaeta and Zareck.  And that’s another part of this show that I love: everyone is a fantastic actor and fills their roles perfectly.

I’ve loved this show through all its highs and lows because to me it has become more than a episodic television show, it has become a document of real people’s lives.  In many personal ways, the story has transcended it’s serialization to become  a sort of parable.  I’m both excited and depressed to see the end of the story.

(Picture from What’s Alan Watching, who does some fantastic dissections of each episode)


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