Sundance: What I’m Looking Forward Too

I’ve never been to a Sundance film festival, but after following it for a couple of years, I’m really hoping to someday.  Here are some of the movies that premiered at Sundance this year, that I can’t wait to see.

Black Dynamite

DYNO-MITE!  DYNO-MITE!  A blacksploitation spoof/homage filled with every trick from that genre’s book, Black Dynamite looks like the comedy hit of this years show.  I also like how it is the polar opposite of that other popular of Napoleon Dynamite, another indie favorite (albeit a terrible, grating obnoxious one).  They can’t have picked that named and premiered it at Sundance without realizing that.



A deeply contemplative science fiction movie in the vein of 2001, it isn’t hard for me to get excited about it.  With science fiction being easily my favorite genre and good science fiction hard to come by, hearing all the buzz surrounding Moon is only amplifying my interest in seeing it.

In the Loop

I really wish their was more I could find out about this black comedy focusing on the mid level bureaucrats from the United States and Britain who led us into the Iraq war, because their is very little out their.  All I know is that it’s a Brit comedy that stars James Gandolfini, who of course played Tony Soprano in the Soprano’s.  Something most people don’t seem to realize about that show is its great sense of humor, which is why I’m excited to see one of Gandolfini’s first new roles be in a comedy.

Mystery Team

Described by film critic Trevor Groth as “Encyclopedia Brown, the kids from American Pie, and Nancy Drew all had sex, their baby would probably look something like Mystery Team.”, this looks like a fantastic set up for a great comedy.  I can see something of a resemblance here to Pineapple Express, what with social misfits getting in way over their head, and the movie looking to be a combination comedy/thriller, but with a premise as good as this I’m not worried about the films originality.

Bonus! – Død Snø

Zombies!  Zombie Nazis!  Wooo!


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