Francis Hates Savage In Bed: Left 4 Dead Videos


Who would have thought the zombie apocalypse in Valve’s Left 4 Dead would have been such a great source of unadulterated comedy?  View evidence number 1:

Oddly enough, I’m just the opposite.  Vests can suck it.  And what exactly was Valve’s intent with having Francis hate Ayn Rand?  A little developer inside joke/reference to Bioshock?

NSFW.  Really though, did you expect anything less from the Internet?  This sort of thing constitutes 85% of its output.

And finally,where would we be without a Rand ‘Macho Man’ Savage mod where his voice replaces the snarling of all the zombies?  You know what, I don’t what to even imagine a world like that!  It is simply too frightening to imagine.

(Thanks to Offworld for locating some of these clips)


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