“The Oath” – Damn Their Cliffhangers!


Always with the cliffhangers!  Well after all the brooding that has been building up for the last two episodes, we finally get to see a little action, and as always Battlestar Galactica delivers.  Here are some of my impressions from the last episode, “The Oath”.   And of course SPOILERS!!!



– Its good to see Roslin back in charge, or at least acting with some humanity.  It was more chilling seeing her simply not care about herself or the fleet than knowing she was wrong.  She had always been so strong in her faith that humanity would persevere that to see her acting so nihilistic was a little scary.

– Gaeta is a bastard, but with a dash of that classic Battlestar Galactica murky grey morality, is he wrong?

– I expected more of a report between Roslin and Baltar after the episode Hub.  Perhaps something had to be cut for time in earlier in the season, but it was a little odd that they still seemed a little antagonistic.

I’m a little surprised that Gaetas rebellion was brought this quickly to fruition.  With the rebellion plot line already running its course, whats left for the other half of the last season?  From this vantage point, it’s really hard to see where the series is going to end up.  I can’t imagine the rebellion lasting too much longer, especially with Roslin back in the fight, but where exactly is this going to end?


Also, did that storage room remind anyone else of some of the rooms in the video game Deadspace?


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