Wiki-Find: The Intricacies of Time Travel

In this, the second edition of Wiki-Find, I’ve been looking at some interesting facts surrounding that invariably elusive, sci-fi pipe dream, Time Travel.  Some interesting facts I gathered:


– So why aren’t their any time tourists around?  It could be explained by a number of restrictions placed on time travelers (no interacting with your ancestors!) or maybe it’s because a time machine hasn’t been invented yet.  Don’t follow?  The idea behind using worm holes for time travel (instead of a faster than light space ship for example) is that you can only go back to the point when the device was activated.  Once we have a worm hole device (which is still going to be incredibly hard to make, if not impossible) we may realistically, be able to go back to the point of its creation.

– The “grandfather paradox” actually has its roots in a part of physics called “causality“.  Causality is the one of the biggest obstacles, at least in physics, that time travel has before it can be explained.  Ways of getting around causality is the “multiple worlds theory” where each difference in the time line (caused by a time traveler or not) is actually an entirely different universe.

– Speaking of the grandfather paradox, the Novikov self-consistency principle argues that the probability of paradoxes occurring are simply zero. In other words, they simply can not happen.  If you were to attempt it, you simply could not do it.  This doesn’t mean you couldn’t affect the past, just the grand scheme of things.  You can’t prevent the Hindenburg from exploding, but you could rescue some people, replace them with corpses, and hide them until the point in time you left from where they could show themselves.  This way, the time line never really changed, it just always was this way.


– Many people claim to have time traveled or that the government has.  The favorite government cover up is the Philadelphia Experiment, where the USS Eldridge is alleged to have not only turned invisible, but traveled through time.  The Montauk Project is also of interest to conspiracy theorists, who claim that psychic and time travel experiments took, aliens were consorted with, and oh yeah, a 120 year old Nikola Tesla was in charge.  Back in 1901, the academics Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain reported traveling back to the time of Marie Antoinette, and they wrote a much ridiculed book about it.  Also, should a time traveler ever decide to make a pit stop in our time, they’re probably not going to reveal their identity to a bunch of forum lurkers, like a Mr. John Titor aka “TimeTravel_0” did back in 2000.


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