Wittle Baby Foxes!!!


I had completely forgotten about these pictures until I sat down to do a little troubleshooting on my dads computer the other day.  A couple years ago my dad was watching over a neighbors house while they were away for a few weeks.  He was tending to some yard work around their house when he heard some yelping coming from a storm drain underneath one of the windows in the front of the house.  Inside, where he expected to find a stray dog, he found two adorable little fox babies (technically called kits).


Animal services came and picked them up; it was likely they had been their for quite some time and needed to be nursed back to health. What’s cool is that this wasn’t the last time we saw them.  A few months later, in the same front yard we found them in, the entire family had come out to play.  The mother fox watched stoically over her pups (probably because our golden retriever was watching eyeing them from a distance) as they tumbled around like little puppies.  I think I have video of it somewhere and I’ll try and post that if I find it.


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