Observing Fanboism In Its Natural Habitat


The picture above comes from the comments section from one of my favorite blogs: Joystiq. This particular story is unfortunately of a common category, the “another developer doesn’t want to develop on the PS3 because it’s difficult and expensive” sort of story. What I really enjoy about these posts is what it does to PS3 (and to a degree Xbox 360) fanboys. They are like vultures to a carcass. No wait, I’ve got a better metaphor: they are like dumb asses flocking to a dumb ass convention, with a dumb ass parade, and a dumb ass concession stand. The world they imagine in their head,where Microsoft is like some One-World government style Illuminati, is shattered when a developer comes out and says something like this.  The fanboy must find a way to fit this potentially damaging information into their world view.  Any developer who finds the PS3 complicated or difficult to develop on?  Obviously either incompetent (like Valve!) or Micro$oft Xbots being paid off to insult the PS3. Case and point is this, again from the same comments section:

valve aint devloping for the ps3 because its against their interest, they are MS fanboys that love the PC, simple as that dont even mention valve without looking at the company.. Nothing about PS3 being too difficult to develop for comes into it…

Now, it is encouraging to see that this person has been so demoted that he is practically invisible among the other comments, but it only shows that the fanboy simply cannot be convinced their company did wrong(it’s not hard when they have Sony feeding them their new talking points).  So while they continue on fighting their invisible war, I’ll keep pointing, laughing, and knowing how much of a better human being I am.


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