Next Time, Don’t Ask Us: American’s “Best” Painting


“Best” may not be the best word for it, but that painting shares the characteristics which Americans see as the best art has to offer.  In other words, we like boring landscapes, George Washington, families, and frolicking deer.  This painting was created by Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid in an art project of their own were they scientifically polled various countries people to see what characteristics were most desired and undesired in art.  Basically, landscapes are in, modern art is out.  Here’s one of my favorites from Kenya.


Kenya loves Jesus!  And Hippos!


I also really liked that Italy’s least favorite painting has a naked man on it, seeing as so much classical (and naked) art comes from Italy.  I guess they’ve just gotten sick of all the man parts in their art.  But what exactly do they have against Elvis and the Power Rangers?


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