i was born on 1880 andyou wont let me in you are dorks anyway bye LOSERS


On the internet, their are some things kids aren’t meant to see.  So in a futile attempt to stop them, web developers put up age restriction gates, if only so they can say their doing something.  Most kids learn the first time that when you’re asked for the date of your Birthday, its not because they want to get you presents.  This genius little website, COPPA Kids, has managed to aggregate a whole bunch of the excuses kids then use to try an get into the website they’ve just been locked out of.  And of course, their awkwardly profane, passively aggressive, and hilarious.  Oh, and some of them are POKEMON MASTERS.

hey [company name] people can you erase the thing on my computer that says you are under the age of 13 because im 20

p.s. you are all bitch for doing that

why will the jonas bbbrthors nnot date mei want them to come to my house and if this was privite i would give the jonas brothers my addrest and i am 16

i want to talk about cody linley w/ others. i am29 yrs old srry if i typ[edin the wrong date

hello i am 15 and you people wont let me sigh up you people suck i am never going to come back here untill you let me join the page

I meant to put in 1994 i just was looking at the screen instead of the keyboad and I’m just leaning how to type without looking at the keyboad and i decided to start practicing

(Via Boing Boing)


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