50 Cent’s Hilarious Joystiq Interview


Did you know, 50 Cent has made a new video game where he fights a gang in the Middle East for a crystal encrusted skull that was stolen from him?  Did you know many gaming outlets are saying it’s fun to play?  Great, now check out this hilarious interview with the G Unit (Is that right? Is he the G Unit or just their leader?) himself.  My favorite quote:

Like, one of my favorite video games coming up was OutRun. So there’s a portion of the actual video game, there’s a stage when you’ve actually acquired more than you can actually carry so the objective is to run at that point to a different stage of the actual game. And the options of the vehicles you use — whether it’s the helicopter, Humvee or the other things that are around — the choice is up to the player at that point.

What did he actually just say their?  You got to hand it to him, the man knows more about video games and parenting than most families:

Well it’s rated mature, so the youth really shouldn’t come in contact with it unless they have someone around who can explain it. If you have someone around you, an adult — if it’s rated mature, then someone mature should actually have it. And if a kid does interact with it or has it, someone should be around to explain it.


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