Gang Garrison 2: 8 Bit Team Fortress 2


The year is 1987.  Faucet has just come out with Gang Garrison 2, the sequel to 1985’s smash hit Gang Garrison.  Taking advantage of Macnet’s global intra-tube network, gamers can take part in the stylized, multiplayer action of Gang Garrison 2‘s genre defining gameplay.  With 9 fully unique characters ranging from the Detonator, the Healer, ot the Overweight, Gang Garrison 2 is undeniably the new champion of Macnet gaming.  Just be sure and try it out before President Mondale’s new law bans violent video games.

In all seriousness, this nifty little “Demake” is really pretty entertaining.  The attention to detail is quite astounding, with rocket jumps, 2D remakes of Team Fortress 2 maps, and even similarly stylized giblets.  Hopefully this game gets some more attention so that finding an online game is easier.  I need a teleporter over here!


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