Killzone 2: Like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within In Real Time


Years ago, when I saw that awful Final Fantasy CGI movie, The Spirits Within, I thought “won’t it be cool when video games look this good”.  Well the date that I imagined in my mind has creeped up on us quite a bit faster than I thought it would.  Killzone 2 is simply one of the best looking game out their.  It’s unfortunate that when something like bad animations or path finding break the illusion, because of how engrossing the game can get.  Whereas other games draw you in with characters, story, or set pieces, Killzone 2 can do that with its graphics alone.

From the short amount I’ve played so far, it’s hard to say how far this will carry the wonky controls and card board cut out characters.  I admit that the storie’s rather overt “war is hell!” and “kill them thar space nazis!” script is more compelling than most.  The speech Scolar Visari, the Helghast astro-furer, is one of the powerful given in a video game (thanks Brian Cox!), and instantly draws you into the game’s conflict.  Still, I find it amazing that what we created 8 years ago for film has become a fully interactive experience.  It boggles the mind to think what we’ll have in another 8 years.


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