Koyaanisqatsi: The Flop Of L’Enfant Plaza


It seems rarer these days that I can finish an entire article in a magazine or newspaper, or website for that matter.  And that’s just the point.   Gene Weingarten last year wrote a tour de force of journalism, a column on philosophy, art, the human condition, and above all else, about failing to see the beauty of what’s plainly in front of our eyes.

Last year, on Friday, January 12th, a great muscian played to 1000 people.  Less than thirty people seemed to notice.  This was an artist who’s accolades ring from every venue he plays, who’s shows cost over 100$ for a ticket, and who plays on multi-million dollar violins.  He got just 32.17 as a street musician in Washington D.C..  Weingarten’s article is a masterpiece of story telling, one you must take the time to read.  Perhaps you will also see the irony in my begging of you to read it: here a rather deficient scribe begs you to see the masterwork that lies only a hyperlink a way, and yet very few will do so.

For increased enjoyment, I suggest listening to this as you read.  And perhaps you, like me, should go ahead and put Koyaanisqatsi on your Netflix queue.


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