Stuff You Should Be Reading: Video Game Articles


Their are very few weekly or daily pieces of writing on the internet that I’m willing to read from top to bottom.  Their is an even smaller group that I actually look forward to, whether for their insight, prose, or entertainment.  Video Game Articles is very near the top of that list.

Released every week or two over at Something Awful, Video Game Articles remains the funniest video game feature on the net. Written by a one Dennis Farrell, the blandly named Articles in fact contain an assortment of hilarious satires of the most hackneyed and annoying annals of video game journalism.  Year End Awards, Game Store “Horror Stories”, Game Guides, and fanboy Overanalyzings are viciously mocked while semi regular features like “Patch Notes” return every few articles or so.

Perhaps the single best part of the Video Game Articles are the incredibly witty and incredibly to the point “One Sentence Reviews”.  While simultaneously riffing on the stupidity of scoring games and being hysterically funny, these reviews are more trustworthy and insightful than a wide range of the rubbish filling up Meta Critic reviews.


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