Threadless: Generally Awesome T-Shirts


Web 2.0 is a pretty worn out term these days, but I think it actually applies to the user generated T-Shirt company, Threadless.  This Chicago based company users to submit designs, vote on their favorites, and then awards cash to the winners.  Each week about 6 new shirts are released and a few older shirts are reprinted (you can vote to reprint T-Shirts that are sold out).  Hodies, long sleeve shirts, and even kids T’s are available.  Users can also get 1.50 in store credit each time they send in a picture of themselves in their Threadless T-Shirt.

Here are a couple of my favorites (some of which I acually own):


I still get compliments about this one, believe it or not.


This one is called “The Last Fuckin’ Unicorn”, which kinda rules.


Some awesome “Type Tees“.


One of the few I own that isn’t a visual pun.


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