It Doesn’t Matter What Obama Does Because You’re Blind To Change


Excuse my terrible joke their and take a look at these rather interesting optical illusions.  You see (or maybe you don’t!), with nothing more than a brief disruption of our concentration, we can miss fairly large changes in our environments.  Those videos are some good examples of the effect.  In each of the videos, some thing is appearing and disappearing or moving up and down.

I remember another very interesting example of Change Blindness from the book Stumbling on Happiness. In an experiment that took place on a moderately busy college campus, a researcher posing as a student walked up to a randomly chosen student and asked them for some directions.  They opened up a big map and got them engaged in a conversation.  Then, two more researchers posing as construction workers rather rudely pushed their way in between the student and the first researcher, while carrying a big door between them.  The reason for this interruption was that a forth researcher was hiding behind the door, out of view of the student.  This forth researcher actually took the place of the first, with his own map, and picked up the conversation right where it left off as though nothing had changed.

What is surprising is about this experiment is that a good third of the students tested didn’t notice (or didn’t object to) the fact that the person they were talking to had just changed into someone else.  The two experimenters were of different heights, body builds, hair color, and vocal tone.  Just remember that your perception isn’t as flawless as you might think.

(Wikipedia on Change Blindness)


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