Okay, this website is a little tough to understand at first, but just trust me that it’s hilarious.

This guy, names Joe Mathlete, he explains what happens in the newspaper comic strip Marmaduke.  And it’s probably the best blog ever.


The thing you have to understand about Marmaduke is that is is an absolutely horrible comic.  Like Family Circus or Garfield, their is rarely even a joke, just a drawing (usually terrible drawings in Marmaduke’s case) accompanied by a bland observation about something.  Your lucky if you ever even get a pun or some sort of visual joke and usually just get (as Joe Mathlete descibes it) “phantom humor, stunted internal logic, and a pointlessness that verges on Dada”.  That’s were Joe Mathlete‘s hilarious, sometimes straight laced, but usually R rated descriptions come in.  Go check out the archives, starting from the beginning, or you may miss out on some of the inside jokes that have been created over the year.  Let’s just say, Marmaduke is an asshole.



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