North Korea Nukes: What You May Not Know

Picture 1

A nuclear armed North Korea is a scary proposition, no doubt about it.  But their is a small asterix behind the current “confrontation” with South Korea’s crazy cousin; their nukes suck.  Again, any nuke is a bad nuke, but according to the seismic data, North Koreas nukes don’t even come close to a Hiroshima type blast, a bomb we built almost 70 years ago.

In fact, it is highly possible that both of the nukes they have tested either failed to detonate properly or were simply a shit ton of conventional explosives used to fake a nuclear explosion.  Of course, it is also possible they detonated the bomb in a large cave to make detecting its true explosive yield hard.  To get a sense of how much damagin a nuclear bomb cause only by its explosion (i.e. not counting the nuclear fallout) check out this morbid little Google maps application.  My little Kansas town isn’t even fulled destroyed by a 1940’s era bomb.


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