Make A Big Ass Whiteboard


I’m not really sure why I did this.  I suppose it was because I have a lot of free walls time in my new apartment, the cost wasn’t too high (especially compared to real, large size whiteboards which cost in the 100s) and the construction aspect was well within the realms of possibility for me.  And while the project requires buying 4 x 8 boards, I could barley fit 3 x 4.5 boards in my car, so it all depends on what you can transport/want in your house.

The border around mine wasn’t a part of the instructions I found, but I think it makes the whole thing a little more presentable for about 3$ more.  I also used a stronger, though much heavier back material, which may or may not have been a good thing as the creator’s whiteboard started warping.  Either way, it’s a neat summer project that’s cheap and I’m sure will eventually be useful.


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