My Top 5 Game Announcements of E3 2009

E3 has once again come to an end after a week of exuberant keynotes and glitzy show floor game demos.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo has returned to it’s rather boisterous self and with it the excitement of surprise game announcements.  So here are my 5 personal favorite games of 2009’s E3.


5. Shadow Complex

Epic’s so called “Metroidvania” Xbox Live Arcade game sounds like the perfect oasis in the coming summer drought.  I admit that if this game weren’t coming out this summer I wouldn’t be quite as excited, but even so, getting a new game in the vein of Super Metroid or Symphony of the Night is never a bad thing.  The XBLA and PSN have been the genesis of so many great neo-classic games that I have faith Shadow Complex will be another fantastic retro tribute.


4. Picross 3D

Technically this game was already released in Japan, but E3 brought us the announcement that the game will at some point be released in here in the US.  The original Picross was one of those hidden gems of the DS that I fell in love with, playing it’s entire catalogue of increasingly difficult “picture crosswords” in only a few weeks.  Taking the game into 3D should make it that much more mind melting… and addicting.


3. Scribblenauts

This is probably my biggest cheat on the list as Scribblenauts had been announce months ago.  Since the game is built on the premise that you can write and create just about anything,  I’m going to say that this E3 was were the game proved that, yes you can create just about anything.  Jackalope?  Yes.  God?  Yes.  Kraken?  Yes.  Keyboard Cat? Yes.  What I really love about the game is the hilarious sounding ways in which these written creations will interact.  Fights seem to break out constantly, with one E3 goer creating a Kraken which was defeated by God, which was defeated by Death himself.  Santa Claus also enjoys raw Lutefisk.  I don’t even know if I’ll ever get around to playing the game and just waste hours create whatever the hell I want.


2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Though I don’t own a Wii, I’m known to, ahem, borrow my younger siblings Wii on a weekend (or 3) and tryout the consoles upper crust of games.  Super Mario Galaxy is still at the top of that list.  I’d never played a real Mario game before since I never owned a single Nintendo console before the Gamecube, but Mario Galaxy showed my why the games are so beloved.  It’s fun.  Pure, unadulterated, silly, whimsical fun.  I look forward to another games worth of Mario Galaxy.


1. Crackdown 2

The announcement of the game made be literally jump out of my chair and do a fist pump.  Like Mario Galaxy, Crackdown is a game, perhaps more flawed even, that keeps you playing long into the night because it’s simply one of the most enjoyable experiences on a game console.  I know a great many gamers bought the original only for the Halo 3 beta, but I could have honestly cared less after playing the Crackdown demo.  Easily my favorite Xbox 360 console exclusive if not one of my favorite games of this console generation, I could care less about what’s been added to the sequel so long as they keep one of the most memorable narrator/announcers of any game ever.


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