Capybara As A Pet: I Want One


Their something about the pompous face of capybaras that is so full of human looking nobility and snobbishness.  A strange look for the worlds largest rodent.  I always knew they were indigenous to the Amazonian basin, but I never really thought about have them as a pet up here in the states.  Reading this interview, I’m convinced it would be an awesome pet.


Intelligent and loyal, cute and unique.  And the sounds they make sound very entertaining:

His voice is often mistaken for a birdsong. When he’s nervous he sounds like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. When he’s happy he sounds like a Geiger counter.


And somehow, they still manage to look pompous sitting in a wading pool while surrounded by hola-hoops.


5 Responses to Capybara As A Pet: I Want One

  1. Scott Reeser says:

    Ugliest looking dog in the world, only b/c of the feet 😉

  2. Jesse Franklin says:

    When i was in south america we had this fried Capybara with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon, mmmm delicious!

  3. blueyes says:

    they aren’t pets normally, they are wild animals. they also eat guinea pigs in south america, even tho they are pets to us!

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