I’m Probably A Genius: Use Griefers To Annoy Terrorists


I’ve been reading the excellent book Wired for War recently, which is mostly about robots used in war, but also many other aspects of modern war.  The book goes into some depth about how modern technologies have revolutionized terrorist organizations and their abilities to recruit and fight.  One part that was very interesting to me detailed how terrorist organizations use Internet forums extensively to recruit, plan and communicate.  While the United States military has to spend millions if not billions on a communication network of satellites, radios and cell towers, terrorist are free to simply use the cheap commercial tech.  So I had an idea, and idea I’m sure others have at least contemplated, but an idea I think would be both hilarious and potentially devastating to terrorist networks around the world: unleash the power of Internet griefers on their asses.

Just imagine thousands of SA Goons, 4chaners and YTMNDers infecting every possible forum a terrorist network tries to use to communicate.  They could fill them with disgusting pictures, maybe even hack their forums to play some terrible pop songs.  The obvious problems would be that the FBI/CIA probably takes an interest at anyone who visits these forums, which would probably scare off a lot of Internet denizens.  The CIA is also probably interested in what is being said on these forums, meaning they’re probably already being monitored.  I just feel that griefing them would teach them that no one gets a free ride on the Internet.  And it would also be freakin’ hilarious.


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