The Weirdest Sport In The World: Ulak Tartysh


Two words: goat carcass.  That is the one thing that sets this sport apart from any other you’ve heard of.  Yeah, it’s played on horses, but so is Polo.  And their are goals used to score points, but everything from golf to foot ball has one of those.  It’s the goat carcass that sets this Kyrgyzstani, Kazakhstani, and Uzbekistani sport apart (also played in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, but in those countries its called Buzkashi).  Games can last for days and the prize is often a women from another tribe.  In other words, you probably won’t be seeing the NUTL anytime soon.


I bring this sport up because of what you see above.  That is in fact, a Russian arcade version of the goat chucking, wife winning game of the steppes.  And I really want to play it.


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