Splosion Man Mini-Review



Okay, I have more to say than that but I’m trying to trim down my long winded reviews.

It sometimes feels likes video games are becoming an industrialized commodity, something spit out by massive companies based on the blandest, most test-marketed features and design.  So when we get a game with as much personality and originality as Splosion Man, it’s worth savoring.

The explosion mechanic (really the only mechanic) is no more than a glorified jump.  In the hands of the developers at Twisted Pixel however, it becomes a wide ranging, constantly evolving mechanic that allows for some of the most manic and enjoyable puzzle platforming on the system.  But Splosion Man’s originality doesn’t just lie in its gameplay, it’s the highly animated (literally) character, the fact that enemies explode into a pile of carved hams and T-Bone steaks and that hugging a fat scientist produces a 3 minute song about donuts that makes this an experience well worth playing.  I look forward to trying the game out in 4 player co-op, though I haven’t yet had the chance.

Also, the game has some of the funniest achievements this side of the Penny Arcade Adventures.


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