Don’t Know Much About Rocket Programs

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading these two stories from the website of Air and Space Magazine.  They’re both about space flight and cover things I didn’t even know existed.

The first is on Soviet Union’s version of the Star Wars missile defense program.  Most have heard of the futuristic system proposed by President Reagan to shoot down ICBMs with space based lasers.  However, I’ve never heard of the program the USSR worked on, which was nearly tested in orbit.  Also, some of its legacy is still in use today.

The other story is about the semi-confidential X-37 unmanned space plane.  This mini-space shuttle rides atop a classic Atlas V rocket and while its existence is unquestionable, its purpose remains a mystery.  Reminds me of the secret military space shuttle from the West Wing.  Also, China may or may not have one too.


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