You Should Play: Leave Home

I think a lot of gamers (me included) write off Xbox Indie games as a dumping ground for games that couldn’t quite reach the level of regular XBLA Arcade games (which themselves aren’t always great).  So let me introduce you to an Indie game well worth your time and a relatively small amount of your money: Leave Home.

A combination between Gradius and Geometry Wars, but with a distinctive time trial set up all its own, Leave Home looks fantastic, is great for quick blurts of play, and is quite addicting.  The vectory looking graphics and levels are randomly generated each time you play through the entire 5 minute game.  Sometimes elements of the levels may not even appear in your play through.  Sometimes you’ll get a really tough set of enemies and obstacles.  But I guaranteed you’ll never want to play through just once.  Go add the trial to your Xbox download queue here (or just take the dive and spend three dollars).


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