My Favorite Movies Of The Decade

I don’t feel like I know enough about film yet to give a long explanation about why I liked each of these movies so much, so I’ll keep this list short.  My top movies of the past decade.

10. American Psycho: Dark and thought-provoking (and hilarious).

9. The Dark Knight: Managed to live up to the massive hype and gave us a fantastic portrayl of the Joker, while giving us a smart, entertaining blockbuster.  Some fantastic cinematography too.

8. The Pixar Three: Ratatouille, Wall E, and Up: I would also put The Incredibles up here because at the time it was my favorite Pixar movie.  Somehow, they just kept making my new favorite Pixar movie.

7. Collateral: Could it be said this ushered in the era of digital film making? Also, Tom Cruise can act!

6. Gangs of New York: Love the era and love Daniel Day-Lewis’ as Bill the Butcher.  Why can’t we all still dress like in that picture?

5. City of God: Made me legitimately interested in foreign film.

4. Man on Wire: Their’s an energy you feel from watching this film and this man.  And he cross the two buildings that quite literally define this decade, right?

3. Children of Men: For me, the definitive science fiction movie of the decade.  And those tracking shots are incredible.

2. There Will Be Blood: Pretty much a movie all about Bill the Butcher.  Also, amazing cinematography and music.

1. No Country for Old Men: Since this movie was so underrated, I’ll be you didn’t see it coming?

Honorable Mentions: Moon, Funny Games, Munich, The Departed, A History of Violence, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Old Boy


3 Responses to My Favorite Movies Of The Decade

  1. Paul says:

    I don’t know enough about film to say how correct you are, but I enjoyed your list.

  2. Paul says:

    Oh, but you totally missed Oldboy.

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