Mimo USB Mini-Monitor Review

Last year,  the DVI port on my MacBook Pro had been threatening for months to make my newly purchased 22-inch monitor a complete waste of money.  When the port finally had enough, I was once again left to my 15 inch monitor after a few months of being spoiled on a dual-monitor set up.

Que Mimo and the rise of USB powered mini-monitors.  Using only a USB port or two to both power the unit and transmit video, these small monitors looked like my only hope for double screened computing.  I settled on the Mimo iMo Pivot 7-inch monitor after finding some praise for the product ( a Christmas sale that took $30 off and included free shipping certainly helped).

The monitor required getting a special update for my Snow Leopard Mac, but quickly started working exactly as advertised.  The 7 inch screen produces a clear, bright enough image at 480 x 800 pixels.  It’s certainly a tad smaller that I expected (for some reason, I thought the 7 inch monitor would be practically the same size as my 10 inch netbook) but certainly use able.

So far it’s been fantastic for watching Hulu while I browse on my main screen.  Watching DVDs works nearly as well, though for some reason Apple’s DVD player refuses to run on the screen and I had to use the VLC  player instead.  Running chat windows and my friends list in Steam also worked flawlessly.

One it’s best uses however is in Final Cut.  By putting my media browser window on the iMo, I can extend both my video windows across the top of my main screen and expand my timeline.  A 22-inch monitor was certainly better  for editing, but this alone makes the iMo worth it for me.

Over all, the small, stylish, and easy to set-up monitor will only appeal to a small number of people.  But if you’re in need of a cheap  USB monitor,you can’t go wrong with the iMo Pivot.


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