Axe Cop May Be The Greatest Idea Any Five-Year-Old Ever Had

Axe Cop is a web comic about a cop with a fire axe who fights aliens, dinosaurs, and dirty apes. He has a pet T-Rex with machine gun arms, he would be a fantastic (but bored) president, his partner is called Dinosaur Solider and he has a second job at a fruit stand.  Here are the facts:  a 5-year-old boy genius writes the story and his 29-year-old brother illustrates it.  And the results are possibly the best thing on the Internet.

You can start reading the series at EPISODE ONE (although you should go and read EPISODE ZERO after finishing off EPISODE FOUR) and when you’re finished move on to the ASK AXE COP comics.  Hurry up and start reading OR I WILL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF.


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