I’m Back!

I’ve returned from New York and will resume my daily blogging.  In a way, this will be like starting up my blog again, so I plan to change things up a little bit.

Obvious, the blog has changed visually and could change a little more.  I’ve also tried to clean up the column on the right side of the blog and added some personal, up to date info in the form of “Now Reading/Playing/Watching/Reading/Listening to” lists.  These will be updated regularly and possibly lead to more frequent reviews and impressions.

The tone will also change a little bit if only to make things a tad more respectable.  I may even throw in my thoughts and opinions on current events when I feel like it.  I’ll also be posting at least one picture a day from my New York trip until I run out.  The one on the top of this post was taken from the top of Rockefeller Center at sunset.


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