Favorite Movies Of 2009

Yeah, this is an extremely late post but I can explain.  I wrote up the list around Academy Awards season last year but realized I hadn’t seen The Hurt Locker, A Serious Man, and a few other 2009 movies I really wanted to see.  I decided not to post it until I’d seen them, went to New York sort of out of the blue and didn’t blog at all for a few months.  I sit down to write my favorite movies of 2010 and find this unfinished list for 2009 and decide what better time to post it than the first day of 2011!
1. Inglourios Basterds

Really, that first 20 minute scene would be my favorite movie of 2009, but the rest of the movie is pretty good too.

2. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Pure, unadulterated Cage.

3. Black Dynamite

Funniest movie of 2009.  I honestly thought it would mostly be a spoof, but it’s really just generally hilarious.

4. A Serious Man

A movie with a phenomenal ending, fantastic cinematography, and that trademark Coen Bros. humor.

5. Up

The first 5 minutes might make you cry, but the rest of the movie is fun, funny, and beautiful.

6. Moon

Not what I expected, but Sam Rockwell is fantastic.

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Just a joyful movie.

8. Up in the Air

Truly a movie of our times.

9. The Hurt Locker

Waiting for the figurative and literal bombs to blow up in this movie were some of the tensest scenes I’d ever seen.

10. In the Loop

Hilarious though poignant comedy about how the war in Iraq started.

Honorable Mentions

The Cove

For various reasons, I hate dolphins, so this had to be a really great documentary to get me to care about them.  And it did.

World’s Greatest Dad

Robin Williams puts in a tremendous performance in this extremely dark comedy.

The Princess and the Frog

I was intrigued by John Goodman and Keith David’s presence in the cast, and the beautiful animation certainly didn’t disappoint.

Special Categories

Most Surprisingly Good: Zombieland

Jesse Eisenberg: like Michael Sera but capable of acting.

Most Surprisingly Not Too Bad: Watchmen

For the unfilmable graphic novel, I thought Snyder did a pretty good job.

Most Surprisingly Bad: The Men Who Stare at Goats

A really fantastic story and cast were wasted in this wretched film.


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