My Top Seven Movies Of 2010

I have only seven movies to list this year, which is both a reflection me not seeing as many movies this year and that 2009 had a better year in film (or at least films that I liked).  I have two movies I’d like to mention, How to Train Your Dragon and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as movies I enjoyed, but which lacked substance.  I suppose right now they are number 8. and 9. respectively, but I’m certain at least 3 movies in the list of films I haven’t yet seen (listed at the bottom) will make my updated list sometime in the future.

7. Kick Ass

For me, this movie was saved by the Cage.  It really doesn’t get better than seeing him portray a cheesy, violent Batman like superhero while he raises a duel knife wielding Bad Ass daughter capable of dropping a room full of evil henchmen in a few seconds.

6. The Town

This was my surprise film of the year.  I did not expect to like a film starring and directed by Ben Afleck as much as I did, but I got to hand it to him; he made a very enjoyable heist movie.  It doesn’t hurt that Jeremy Renner’s amazing performance vastly overshadows Afleck’s mediocre one.  Also surprisingly funny at times.

5. Shutter Island

It was sort of an obvious twist, but that doesn’t mean its not an enjoyable film.  But what I really liked about Shutter Island were the beautiful little details that the masterful hand of Scorsese left on the film.

4. Toy Story 3

I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this.  I believe Pixar is so good at creating original worlds and characters that another Toy Story movie would be a wasted effort.  Turns out I was completely wrong.  It seems no one out there is as consistently good as Pixar, except perhaps…

3. True Grit

Another fantastic Coen Brothers movie.  Gorgeous cinematography, fantastically written dialogue, phenomenal performances by everyone (and I mean everyone, even those with only one line), especially 13-year-old at the time Hailee Steinfeld.

2. Inception

A year ago I thought this would be my favorite movie of the year.  Even a few months ago I did.  And that’s not to say it disappointed me in anyway.  In fact, its greatest achievement in my eyes was not just living up to the monumental expectations I had for the film, but far surpassing them.

1. The Social Network

A movie of our generation, a monumental achievement in film, blah, blah, blah.  The thing is, a year ago I laughed at the idea of a Facebook movie with Justin Timberlake.  Now it’s my favorite movie of the year.  The soundtrack is also one of my favorite albums of the year.

Movies I haven’t seen yet, but want to.

  • Black Swan
  • Waiting for Superman
  • Monsters
  • Four Lions
  • The American
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop
  • Let Me In

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