Hooray For Jimmy Carter

34 years ago, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr.  was sworn in as the nations 39th President.  It is safe to say that a fair amount of Americans today regret that fact.  But on this anniversary of his inauguration I wish to put forward a defense of the man based on one of his little known accomplishments: deregulating beer brewing.

Back in 1978 when it looked as though the near future might hold only 3 mammoth beer companies, Jimmy Carter signed a bill that legalized home-brewing.  This gave rise to craft brewers, brew pups, and eventually the wide range of beer choices we have today.

Oh, and since then, Jimmy Carter has been waging a decades long war against the Guinea Worm and winning.  Back when he started in 1986 there were more than 3.5 million cases a year in some of the poorest countries on earth.  In 2009, there were only 3,190 cases reported.



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