I Love My Beardhead

Here in Kansas (and really most of the United States), the winter doesn’t look to be leaving anytime soon.  For years, I’ve tried to combat what I consider the worst part of cold weather: the burning, searing chill it leaves on my face.  Finally, I have found a solution: Beardheads!  Designed to mimic the manliest of beards (i.e. full), a Beardhead is perfect for anyone out there like me who can’t stand regular ski masks.  The soft, partly wool fabric is extremely comfortable and warm, the faux-beard keeps the chin and neck toasty, and perhaps the greatest innovation of all, the interchangeable mustache does a fantastic job of keeping my lips from drying out.  You should also be prepared to receive complements on your Beardhead every time you wear it as its charming design can’t help but bring joy to everyone involved.

Beardheads come in a variety of colors for men and women.  Also available are some tasteful viking and spartan helmet options for the modern pillager in need of something a little insulating.  Unfortunately, we both know how totally inaccurate that viking helmet is.


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